Saturday, September 7, 2013

No Guile: Not one of us!

Reprinted from No Guile with permission.

I'm warning you this is not going to be pretty. I'm pretty sure it is going to piss people off but maybe that is good. Right now I am angry. Angry at the person , angry at the autism community, angry at pretty much anyone.

It happened again. Last night it came out that a blogger attempted to murder her child and take her own life. Now i you remember a few months ago wen Alex was killed everyone was angry with his mother. Angry that she didn't do something anything else. Well not this time. The blogging community is rallying around his mom. Saying she was the strongest of us, she was a great mother' a fallen warrior. Basically she is not getting outrage and let her rot in jail she is getting poor her. It was so hard. Well you know what that is not a excuse. Nothing can be said to make me accept what what she did as OK. What about Issy?

The cry is we need services, we need this and we can stop this. Yeah sure we need services but to stop the murders we need to stop making it OK. We need to stop making the murders martyr. What about Issy?

Luckily last night she was not successful though her daughter has been left with permanent bran damage from this. Everyone keeps saying she snapped. But the method she used is not one of someone who snapped. It took planning. It took intent. She didn't just go I can't do this and drive off a cliff. She drove to a secluded area where they wouldn't be found easily and lit two grills in her van. Now how did the grills get there? How did they get lit? CO2 poisoning is not quick it takes time. What is it about this one that mom is being raised to martyr status. Still there is very little outrage . The facts are only coming out now more info will come out in her trial.

Is the lack of outrage because she is a known blogger? People feel like they know her. Guess what it's online. We only share online what we want people to know and see. You don't know what was going on in real life. Only what she chose to share. What about Issy?

The whole lack of services line. Really give me a break. In her own blog she stated they were approved and had found a provider for one on one in home care. Sure the school was being a jerk but hey that happens to all of us. There was another that welcomed her daughter in. Sure it wasn't ideal and meant that mom was gong to have to move away from other kids for a bit. It wasn't permanent just while they got things sorted with the other school. Or that was my take on it. So once again we have a case where it was not lack of services it was the parent did not want what was offered. Sometimes we need to take what we can get while we make our case for more. What about Issy?

I am really tired of every time a special needs person is killed everyone feels bad for the murderer. Well not me. In my opinion blogger or not she is right up there with Alex's mother and should see the full punishment of the law. She is not one of us. The majority of us would never kill our child and if you think it could be you, you need to talk to someone because that is not right.

Here's the thing no one is talking about Issy they are talking about mom. I wont print her name because just as with Alex it is Issy that deserves the talk.

If you purposely kill your child you are wrong and you are a bad parent the end!

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