Friday, September 6, 2013


Reprinted from Shenny's Tumblr with permission.

Since when if the person you murdered is Autistic you get a “Get out of Jail Free” card?  We have laws for a reason, you murder someone and you get prosecuted. Period.

One of the best times for any mother is carrying that child in her tummy for nine months.  Days and months spent talking to your baby, making plans of what will come when the baby is born.  You wonder what your baby is going to be like, what kind of person or what kind of personality.  You make promises to your child that you will protect that child with fierce love.  You vow that you will stand guard at all times and protect your baby.  You promise to be there always and the day comes, after hours of pain they hand you this wrinkly, slimy and ohh so beautiful creature, your child, whom you have been bonding for 9 months, to whom you have been making promises to.  There is no more pain and there is so much love that it overflows from you, you can’t stop the uncontrollable love and joy, you are so overwhelmed with love.  This baby is yours, all yours and the only job you have from that point forward is to raise a good human being.  Raising your children is the only worthwhile thing you will ever do in your life.  No matter any titles you may or not hold…..  Ohh, our kids grow, they get shaped into who they are with our influences and their environment and we keep loving them.  We keep loving them, we keep rearing them.  There are rough days and rougher days but we keep loving our children and that never stops.  When does this love and our duty end for our children end when it becomes inconvenient to parent some children?  If you don’t want to do it anymore you can’t just murder that child.  I would love to see you tell the truth if you have the balls you piece of shit of a mother.  Don’t hide behind ohh how hard it was, ohhh that was tough or that was sooo difficult.   There is no excuse.  There is no excuse.  There is no excuse.  You don’t just one day decide you are done mothering this child and will kill him/her.  S/he might be Autistic, blind, deaf, ridden with various diseases or not, you hold that child holy, you worship that child, you love and protect that child, you thank god for blessing you with that child.  You smell that child’s head at every opportunity you get, squeeze in extra hugs; you hold that child in your arms and really thank the universe and be grateful.  Grateful that you have the opportunity to the right by that child, grateful that you have a special job, grateful that this beautiful human being belongs to you and you belong to him or her.

 I have been angry with others before for one reason or another but I can never stay angry with my kids for I love them forever.  I will go to the ends of the world for them no matter what.  I love and respect the mothers who take care of children with more difficult circumstances and I believe they should get a special recognition.

The mothers who kill their children however need to be in special hells.  We have to make sure they are prosecuted; we have to make sure they can’t even be tempted to murder their children.  We have to shout it from rooftops IT IS NOT OKAY TO KILL YOUR CHILD.   IT IS NEVER OKAY TO KILL YOUR CHILD.  Nobody should be allowed to wake up one day and murder a child because it’s no longer convenient to take care of him or her.

Shenny Fahrali

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