Saturday, September 7, 2013

Issy Stapleton: We can save her. We must save her.

reprinted from sherlocksflataffect with permission

Ok, so we can do shit you guys.
A social media crisis ACTUALLY IS AN OPTION HERE. We need to keep that Issy is a human being and that people give a massive shit about her public. Prosecutors, P&A workers, potentially jurors, judges—they too are human and as such can have their unconscious biases changed by the media they consume. We need to influence that media.

Secondly. Michigan Protection and Advocacy HAS to be on this. They have to. And we can make them aware that they are being scrutinized. That people care. That people are questioning the whole Mom Is Always Right Thing.

To that end, here is their website contact page:
That page has phone number, a contact form, and addresses. This is the prosecutor’s office. It, too, has a variety of contact options. They decided what Kelli Stapleton gets charged with. Or if they drop charges. They, too, need to know that we are watching.

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